Analytics & Tracking? Now you can choose

There is much discusion about Internet privacy of late. Facebook, Google and others have been coming under close scrutiny. European and other laws are designed to prevent abuse and to encourage fair practices.

Opt me out

Opt me out

I am all for choice

What I choose to do online, is my choice. Like what I publish, when and where. So too the visibility of my activities—being given the choice to be tracked is the latest addition to Google Analytics.

A new, alternative option to privacy compliance is the OptMeOut solution from webalytics. A neat little bit of code you add to your (static) website pages and give choice back to visitors. (Soon available as a WordPress plugin).

Google Analytics: on/off

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Opt-me-out! How will this affect your business?

Probably not as much as you think. All Analytics tools are not 100% accurate, so fewer visitors tracked will not make a big difference. If any. Analytics will continue to offer insights into trends and behavoiur of visitors to your website. Information you can use to optimise and improve your business.

Ultimately the best investment for any website is to sit down next to your visitors and ask them “why did you do that…?” Usability testing and actual conversations will always give you more insights and lead to bigger improvements.