Analysing website and comic book Design

Getting the design flow right is not easy, yet inspiration is everywhere. In a recent blog post How Comic Books Can Make You a Better Designer a case in point is made.

“This isn’t a comic book. It’s a website…

…If you’re not seeing how comic books could possibly relate to “real” design, consider this: A website is meant to convey a message, just as a comic book tells a story. While it’s not showing your audience frame by frame what happened in a fight between Wolverine and the Incredible Hulk, your design should be just as engaging”.

How does Heatmap Analysis compare to “Actionlines”?

I took a closer look at what Jenni Chasteen is saying and analysed the examples used with Attention Heatmaps. No really big surprises, just a demonstration that good design can be tested.

Good design works! Its not just a gut feeling.

Heatmap Website vs comic book

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